Thursday, February 9, 2012

Electric Cars: Going Green?

Electric Cars: Going Green?
Electric Cars are the big thing today and the reason is because they are supposed to be more eco-friendly.  The reason I say "supposed to be" is that these tree huggers are hyping up something that is not what it seems to be.  Where does the electricity that you use to power your car come from?

The answer is coal.  Well, it comes mostly from coal.  Other forms of power are (In descending order based on percentage) Natural Gas (23.4%), Nuclear (20.3%), Hydroelectric (6.9%), Other Renewable Resources (3.6%), and Petroleum (1%).  Coal represents 44.9% of the power that makes electricity and it's the dirtiest form of energy.

So, not only are the so-called "eco-friendly" cars killing this planet by association, but they aren't too easy on the eyes.  They are mostly small, which generally means unsafe with all the SUV's on the road, and a bunch of them resemble an alien, specifically the Toyota Prius.

I'm not bashing the electric cars, well, yes I am.  But, I do think that there is a brighter and more energy efficient future in them and I hope that it works out for them.

Alrighty people, my last thought for you is ever since the release of An Inconvenient Truth, this country has been moving in the wrong direction, as far as cars go.

Reminder: It isn't the exhaust that is is polluting the air, it's the plant where the electricity comes from.

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